Bingo pug – what do we know about the character?

Believe it or not, we are only two weeks away from the debut of the new Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals tv show.  Not too much longer to go but at the same time it feels like ages to wait. The good news is that we are learning more about the show and the characters all the time. Take the Bingo pug character as an example.

Beyond his name, we know that Bingo pug is the black bug of the two pug brothers that feature in the Puppy Dog Pals Disney show. From all that we have seen so far, he is he more outwardly adventurous of the duo. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy adventures he gets into with his brother Rolly!

Issac Ryan Brown
Issac Ryan Brown

Bingo pug is voiced by a young actor named Issac Ryan Brown. He may be young but Issac Ryan Brown already has rather impressive list of credits. He has appeared on a wide range of shows such as Devious Maids, Adam Ruins Everything, Bubble Guppies, Miles From Tomorrowland, How To Get Away With Murder and Black-ish.

He even appeared on America’s Got Talent when he was only six years old. He got the attention of the judges by singing early Michael Jackson songs.

However, you look at it for a young man to have such a long list of credits is impressive. However, it is also exciting to think that being the voice of Bingo pug may prove to be such a big deal that he will become a real voice superstar.

I look forward to seeing what his voice brings to the character of this rambunctious pug puppy. No doubt the Disney Junior team has made sure to lineup a cast that will bring the very best out of the stories the writers have created.


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