Going on a Mission with Puppy Dog Pals

Ready to go on a mission with Puppy Dog Pals? Great, because the good folks over at Disney Junior heard you and have put out a cute music video called, as you may have guessed, Going on a Mission.

No doubt this Puppy Dog Pals video is arriving to help keep us all excited for the tv debut of their new pug-tastic tv show. We don’t learn all that much more about Bingo or Rolly and their separate pug personalities. That is okay though because this is a really fun video.

Going on a Mission does give us a deeper look at the immediate world surrounding the adventurous pug brothers.  We learn that Bingo and Rolly live in a big yellow house. It reminded me a bit of the sort of house you see in the Bay Area of California. Not too different than the kind of home we often see in Pixar films.

The Puppy Dog Pals house has a bright blue door with two puppy flaps. One for each of the brothers to run out from at the same time.  Once out of the door, they are in a lovely fenced in backyard. The backyard has a bunch of things to keep puppies entertained.

There are colorful tires for them to run through and a really exciting twisty slide.  I’m a fully grown woman and I thinkI would have fun sliding down that slide. So, of course two rambunctious pug puppies are going to love it!

Just wait until you get to the part of Going on a Mission that shows the inside of that slide! It looks like is going to be Bingo and Rolly’s secret hideout. I’m betting that most of their crazy adventures are going to start out there like it is Puppy Dog Pals mission control!

Still counting down the days until we can stop speculating and start watching this new Disney Junior show!


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