Puppy Dog Pals Going On A Mission Song

Believe it or not we are nearly done counting down the says until Disney’s Puppy Dog Pals debuts on Disney Junior. Just a bit over a week to go friends! Woo and, indeed, hoo! In the meantime, we are still getting drips of video and other fun stuff to keep us ramped up for the big day. ¬†Several Days ago, you will remember that Disney put out a music video for Puppy Dog Pals. Well, they’ve done it again! Pretty much the same video but now there is an actual Going on A Mission Song!

Rolly and Bingo Pug
Rolly and Bingo Pug

Because two super cute pug brothers running around their backyard and playing in their clubhouse wasn’t cute enough, right? Right! At least that is what the folks over at the Disney Television Animation News Youtube account appeared to be thinking. I’m not about to be the one questioning that choice either because the Puppy Dog Pals Going on a Mission songs is complete fun. Perhaps this is going to be the theme song for the new show?

It certainly sounds like that could be the case. In fact, maybe this video is the whole title sequence for the new Disney Junior Show?  Watch the video bellow and see if you agree that the Going on a Mission song has what it takes to be the song you are going to hear at the start of episode of the show?

I mean, they totally ‘had’ me with the opening lyric which is ‘On your bark get ready’. Then again, I am always a tad bit of a sucker for puns. Particularly pug and dog puns. So, it was always going to be a winner for me.

Maybe I am wrong and this won’t be the theme to the show? Maybe there will be songs in every episodes? That’s a cute thought too! Who wouldn’t want to have a collection of jaunty pug tunes to sing!

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