Inspired to get a pug? Go to a pug rescue!

After I finished writing the previous post about Bingo and Rolly, I couldn’t help but to continue worrying that the inevitable success of Puppy Dog Pals will result in a sudden demand for pug puppies.  I can’t blame somebody for wanting a pug. They are truly wonderful dogs. However, it would be great if the families looking for a pug went to their local pug rescue instead of going and buying a puppy.

Sampson Pug Nation LA
Sampson. Available for adoption at Pug Nation LA Rescue

Getting a dog from a pug rescue may sound intimidating but that really does not need to be the case. The people that run breed specific rescues have dedicated their lives to finding homes for the dogs in their care. They want nothing more than to find all of their dogs good homes.

Going to a pug rescue to get your own Bingo and Rolly means you will have experts to guide you through what it takes to care for a pug. They will work with you to find just the right pug for you and your family.

Don’t get too hung up on getting the tiniest of puppies. Pug rescues are full of older pugs who are fully of life and have a lot of love to give. Don’t forget about those pug mixes either. For every ‘pure’ pug you will find in a rescue, there will be many more chihuahua and pug mixes (Chugs), Puggles and any other number of combinations.  These are wonderful dogs too and may just be the perfect fit for you and your family.

Pugsy San Diego Pug Rescue
Pugsy available for adoption at San Diego Pug Rescue

Finding your local pug rescue won’t be difficult either. Pugs are so popular now that just about every major region has their own. Of course, it would be more ideal that nobody every abandoned pugs so rescues weren’t needed at all.

Until then though, you can just do a Google search for pug rescues or check out a few of these from around the country.

If you aren’t ready to adopt a pug you can always volunteer. It lets you get time with pugs without taking one home until you are certain that it is the right breed for you. Though, how anybody meets a pug and doesn’t fall in love with the whole breed is beyond me.

Here are just a few of the wonderful pug rescues found across the country. All of their pages have information on pugs currently available for adoption.

Pug Nation LA

Pug Rescue San Diego County 

Pug Rescue of New England

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Pug Rescue Network

Pug Hearts of Houston

Pug Rescue of Sacramento (Lola the pug in the top image is available for adoption here.)

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