Meet Bingo and Rolly Pugs from the new Disney Junior Show

If spirit animals exist then I am of no doubt that mine is a pug. So, when it was revealed that Disney Junior’s new show featured two pugs named Bingo and Rolly I knew I was going to be watching. So what if I’m a tad – okay a lot – older than the demographic. Pug lovers have to support anything pug, right?

Bingo and Rolly are the two pug brothers at the helm of the new Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals tv show. If you saw the Puppy Dog Pals Sneak Peek I posted earlier than you can’t have failed to notice just how cute these two look!

If you didn’t see it though just take a look at the great pic of Bingo and Rolly at the top of the page. As you can see, these two stars of Puppy Dog Pals are a fawn pug and and a black pug. It is nice to see both colors getting some love.

I for one can’t wait to see what adventures that Bingo and Rolly get into together and learn more about each of their personalities. The Disney Junior press release for the show says they will have thrill-seeking appetites. Anybody that has ever met a pug knows that is a given! Pugs are about two things. Giving love and getting treats!

All of this said, I hope the cuteness of Bingo and Rolly doesn’t see a rush on giving pug puppies for Christmas. Getting any puppy is a big decision but pugs in particular need a lot of care. It would be sad to see a bunch of pugs end up in shelters after they stop being puppies.

If you do want to bring your own Bingo and Rolly into your home this holiday season, please consider getting a rescue pug. Almost every city has a wonderful pug rescue where you can get pug and pug mixes just waiting for their forever home.  A great example of such a rescue is Pug Nation in Los Angeles.

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