Meet Rolly Pug from Puppy Dog Pals tv show

Several days ago, we learned a bit more about Bingo from Puppy Dog Pals. Now, it is time to find out some more details about Rolly pug.  What will his personality be like? Who will be voicing the character?

Rolly pug is the fawn pug of the two brothers who feature in this new Disney tv show. Bingo is black and he is fan. According to the Puppy Dog Pals trailer that came out last week, he is being called the sunny side up pup.

Going by this, it sounds as if Rolly pug will be the cheerful brother in this adventurous pairing. From what I can tell he is the joker of the bunch too.  I’m in little doubt that his big blue eyes and cute red collar will have us all won over very quickly. It is difficult to see how that wouldn’t be the case.

The voice of Rolly pug is performed by a young actor named Sam Lavagnino. Sam may be just eleven

Sam Lavagnino
Sam Lavagnino

years old but hey has an impressive resume of voiceover work.

You may now know his face but if you have been watching animation on television or at the movies in the past few years you probably have heard his voice. He has been a voice in The Boxtrolls, The Peanuts Movie, We Bare Bears and Bravest Warriors.

Interestingly, he was also a voice in Miles from Tomorrowland. Notable because his Puppy Dog Pals co-star, Issac Ryan Brown was also a voice on that show.  So, it is kind of fun that the voice of Rolly pug and the voice of Bingo have worked together before.

Maybe this helped to give them the sort of chemistry that works best to convince the audience that these two young men really could be brothers. Even if it is only in Disney animated pug form.



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