Puppy Dog Pals Sneak Peak Is Here!

Puppy Dog Pals has been a labor of love for me for years. I bought this domain and started this site many years ago when I became the ‘mommy’ to two new puppies. A pug and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy. I wanted to share the joy that my puppies brought into my life.  A few years passed and my life change quickly and drastically and I was no longer able to be with my own puppy dog pals.  I miss them so much and because of that I sort of let this site go.

Everybody in my life keeps asking me when I am getting new puppy dog pals. Especially pugs because I have pretty much come to be known as the ‘pug lady’. Yet, I just felt so much pain in my heart the shape of the dogs I had to leave behind.

Puppy Dog Pals
Disney Junior’s Puppy Dog Pals

These past few months I have been getting closer to wanting to bring a dog or two back into my life. I started posting on my Puppy Dog Pals Twitter account again and looking at rescue dog listings. Then low and behold I found out rather by accident that Disney Junior has a brand new show coming out called Puppy Dog Pals!  As if that was not enough, the two stars of this new Disney show will be two pugs!

If that is not fate then I don’t know what might be. So excited to be starting my own site back up just as the Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals is starting. It feels like the perfect way and time to start opening up my heart again to the love of dogs in general and pugs in particular.

The new Disney Junior show begins to air on April 14th at 10:30 am Eastern Time.  Looking for a Puppy Dog Pals sneak peak?  Check it out here and just look at the pure joy and excitement on the faces of the kids who they feature in the video. I can tell you that I get just about as excited every time I see a pug on the street!

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