New Disney Junior’s Puppy Dog Pals Trailer!

How exciting! There is a new Puppy Dog Pals trailer! The sneak peak we posted a few days ago was fun to watch but it great to see even more detail about the upcoming Disney Junior series. There is little doubt that Disney is a master of ramping up the excitement for their projects and this looks like no exception.

This latest Puppy Dog Pals trailer gives us a closer look at Bingo and Rolly and the universe in which they live out their pug puppy adventures. We learn that Bingo is the pup with a plan and that Rolly is being called the sunny side up pup.

Possibly the most enjoyable part of the Puppy Dog Pals trailer is learning a bit more about the other creatures that will be in the lives of the pug brothers. We learn that that they have a male owner to whom they are very loyal – just like any real life pug. They also have a sassy cat and a robot dog that feature in their universe.

It certainly looks as if Bingo and Rolly will be having some grand adventures. If the Puppy Dog Pals trailer is anything to be believed, we will get to see the pair have adventures both close to home and around the world. Heck, it even looks like they will go zip lining. I can’t wait to see what that is all about!

Even before this trailer was released, there was no doubt that I would be checking out the new Disney Junior show when it debuts on April 14th. Now though, you can be doggone sure I won’t be missing it! I can’t wait to see what more we learn about this show before it starts. I am sure that is the same for every lover of all things Disney and pugs!

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