Too cute! Real Bingo and Rolly pugs playing!

OMG! Disney Junior has done the cutest thing! While we wait for the start of their new Puppy Dog Pals show they have put up a video of real Bingo and Rolly pugs playing!

You don’t even have to be one of the many counting down the days until Puppy Dog Pals begins to be excited to watch this video.  If you just love watching puppies play then this is just a real treat to watch.

The folks over at Disney Junior have put a black pug puppy and a fawn pug puppy together in front of the camera and let them play for 30 minutes. That’s right – real Bingo and Rolly pugs having a rip roaring good time on camera.

This pair of carefree puppies run into frame full of that kind of energy that only puppies can show. They play fight and run all over the place before this real Bingo and Rolly pugs get tossed a couple of toys to add to their fun.

Then just when you think things can’t get even more cute, two new pug puppies come on screen. There is another black pug and another fawn. So that is two pairs of real Bingo and Rolly pugs.

How can you resist watching this video? It may not be exactly the Puppy Dog Pals show that we are waiting to see when it begins to air on April 14th. However, until then this is a super cute and fun way to pass the time.

We can only hope that the onscreen versions of Bingo and Rolly will be half as cute as the puppies in the video. Do you think you are going to be more of a Bingo fan or a Rolly fan?  If you have already picked a favorite pug what is your reasoning for why they have taken your fancy?



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